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A better kind of brand protection

“Billions of dollars are lost each year to counterfeiting”

In many ways, your brand is your most precious asset. It tells people what you stand for as a company, and it extends beyond your products and services to create vital relationships with customers, shareholders, and the community at large.

Like any relationship, a brand is built on trust, and if that trust is broken, it can be very, hard to repair. When customers lose confidence in your brand they’re likely to go elsewhere and, once gone, are nearly impossible to get back.

RFID Technology

The strongest weapon in brand-protection

The need for trust is paramount across business applications, processes and buyers. Consumer products and goods now looking to use using secure identification technology to protect their brands, prevent theft, and provide digital authenticity from production to purchase.


Wireless RFID tags have unique identifiers, which essentially give each item its own unique DNA.

This makes it easier to track an item on its way through the supply chain and, at the same time, verify authenticity, ensure quality, and keep people safe. RFID offers a more comprehensive way to safeguard your brand, because RFID supports a multi-pronged approach that includes authentication, track and trace, and tamper evidence. What really sets RFID apart, though, is that RFID can do what no other anticounterfeiting technology can – create deeper, more meaningful relationships with your customers. RFID is different because it not only protects your brand, it adds value, too.

MGI RFID tags enable brands to combine discretely embedded, digitally secure RFID tags in finished goods which digitally authenticate products, protect the supply chain. Protecting brands against fraud is a global challenge across all industries as grey market activities and counterfeiting typically result in negative product performance, poor customer experience and lost sales ― all of which can have a significant impact on market value and ultimately damage the brand.


Enhanced Protection

MGI RFID tags are protecting brands worldwide.

Major brands around the world are now implementing MGI secure and connected RFID solutions to protect their products against fraud ― from production and throughout the supply chain to the point of sale.

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