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Customer Experiences

It is in MGI’s DNA to work with our customers to enhance their operational efficiency, reduce their environmental footprint and provide seamless and sustainable guests experiences. The traceability factor that is intrinsic of RFID allows us to integrate powerful track & trace technology into business operations that ultimately has huge environmental gains for our customers and climate change as a whole.

RFID is at the very heart of providing seamless & sustainable customer experiences

As we all come to grips with the new normal, as ever pre-pandemic but now even more so, businesses must look deep into the core values that define them. Minimising waste with optimum transparency and efficiency of operations is a great place to start!

The environmental benefits of RFID are extensive. For hospitality & leisure it also provides new opportunities for businesses to connect with their customers on a more open and ethical level. Relationships can be built on trust with clear transparency of quality in all aspects of the organization.

Whether its promoting the efficiency of back room services to provide seamless, “frictionless” guest experiences, conforming to global sustainability standards or by advertising the ethical quality of the linen itself, guests can be reassured in the meticulous efforts of their hosts to cater to their needs and the wider community. All of this culminates in robust customer loyalty.


Eco Benefits

we are extremely proud to offer RADEA as a sustainable tool to help reduce waste and aid in the fight against commercial pollution. By streamlining laundry operations with the added benefits of profound accurate data collection in real-time companies are able to make informed decisions on their inventory based precise knowledge of their data.
Data is knowledge and knowledge is power!

Hygiene, guest & employee safety

The impact of COVID-19 means that hygiene, guest & employee safety are even higher up the priority list. Digitalizing operations with real-time accurate data on enterprise assets will ensure best in class cleanliness and guarantee guest & employee safety.

Future regulatory requirements

RADEA addresses the increasing customer demand for ethical transparency and allows companies to be prepared for any future regulatory requirements that may be on the way.

Reduce loss & theft with ethical messaging

With the right messaging behind it customers will be aware that items are now tagged. They are tagged to enhance efficiency and provide seamless and sustainable guest experiences. Once the items are tagged businesses can guarantee premium luxury products for their guests to enjoy during their stay. We believe customers will respect this message.

Corporate message from MGI

At MGI we see sustainability not only as a responsibility but also as an opportunity—to lead, to invent and to build a more resilient and profitable company. With extensive R&D we are constantly striving to stay ahead of the curve with innovations that solve global issues.

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