Sustainability and service flow contribute to customer experience

“Lindström has been in business since 1848. Apparently, quite a few things have been done right over the years. Along with sustainability, an equally important factor for Lindström and our customers is the service flow. When the flow is good, it inevitably also means service is efficiently delivered. Efficiency contributes to sustainability, smarter use of resources and, of course, a smoother customer experience.” Juha Laurio, CEO Lindström Group | 21.10.2019

With 170 years’ experience in the textile industry, Lindstrom is one of Europe’s leading textile service company. From workwear, protective equipment, mats, restaurant and hotel textiles to industrial mats and towels, you name it they provide it! A company that no doubt has done a few things right over the years and it’s not surprising when you begin to look closer at their business model, you find a deep-rooted approach to sustainability and recycling all resulting in very effective customer service.

Their investments in RFID over the last few years has brought them operational efficiency and transparency allowing them to not only conform to global sustainability standards, trends and pressures but has enabled them to identify customer needs. What’s refreshing to see is Lindstrom’s position to emphasise importance all the way through to the end-user, not just the companies who use Lindstrom services. As it is the people using the bath towels, sheets and workwear who are ultimately the ones that determine the success of Lindstrom customers and Lindstrom themselves. These are the “real customers” and they determine how sustainable the services and products really are.

In his quote, the CEO – Juha Laurio rightly states the significance of operational efficiency when it comes to providing seamless and sustainable customer service and what’s amazing is that RFID is at the very heart. The hospitality and textile industries should take note and look deep into the core values that define them. There really is no secret to Lindstrom’s success, businesses must adopt intrinsic levels of understanding similar to Lindstrom and provide efficient, transparent and sustainable customer experiences. Businesses that do this, will be the ones that flourish and it’s fair to say that RFID is what makes all this possible. Again, not a secret just a straight up fact.

Oliver Newman,

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