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RFID technology is already widely used in logistics, mainly to optimize the flow of goods, to enhance visibility throughout the supply chain thanks to improved inventory tracking, to improve fleet management efficiency and to automate certain parts of the supply chain. It is the ideal technology for automating manufacturing and distribution data collection processes.


Automate tracking of shipments moving in and out of dock doors for efficient processes and accurate data in your shipping systems. Gain insights that can further automate processes and drive operational efficiencies.


Automate the tracking and movement of goods and assets to gain item-level insights that identify bottlenecks and traffic patterns, so you can create an efficient system that keeps shipments moving.


Automate check-in and -out procedures, maintenance alerts, and location monitoring to get the most out of your investments. Know where assets are, and if they’re ready for shipment and spend less time looking for items and more time using them.


Track every item in your warehouse so you know where everything is and can easily meet customer demands. Optimize storage and product movement, and ensure that you have what you need to run your business efficiently.

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