About us

Why Max Gear Innovations?

Max Gear Innovations is a start-up, founded in 2009 with the aim of transforming the retail experience. MGI is a UK based company with our head office based in Watford, UK with a regional office in Sydney Australia. We began by offering unique anti-theft solutions specifically designed to improve in-store aesthetics, streamline operations and transform customer experience.

The company was formed by C.E.O. Richard Newman and Chairman Robi Bernberg. Both are experienced and successful businessmen and entrepreneurs who have a passion for developing new ideas. They recognised the opportunity for the development of innovative solutions in the UK retail sector. It’s our DNA to work closely with leading UK retailers to understand core issues within retail environments and supply chain. We then go and design and develop bespoke solutions for the retailers answering the exact requirements outlined. We do this by working tirelessly with our global partners and R&D engineers.

At MGI we believe in offering the latest and most effective technologies for our clients and the market sector. RFID is a technology that has been steadily introduced to the retail sector and other markets for many years. In 2018, we are proud to offer an unprecedented end to end solution RFID solution.


MGI were great to work with. They listened to our issues which we had explained to our incumbent supplier many times yet received nothing. MGI went away and developed exactly what we required. They produced prototypes and pre production samples before completing 2 separate successful multi store trials.

Rob Summers

Shrink and Security Manager

Clients and Partners