RFID Laundry Technology

Eliminate human error with automated stock counts

Save thousands of hours counting and sorting with RFID scanning

RFID tags are easily applied to linen, towelling & uniforms

  • No line of sight needed with RFID tags
  • RFID tags contain detailed data on movement and usage, item history, wash cycle counts etc
  • RFID tags withstand up to 56 bars of pressure and last over 200 washes

MGI provide a simple step-by-step implementation process that is unique to your business. We track progress using key performance indicators and assist with the training and ongoing management.  

Full rollout support is provided along every step of the process from source tagging to daily business operations.

Reduce unnecessary spending with RFID

Track item consumption cycles to ensure they are only discarded once their cycle is complete. Such life cycles can also be extended by keeping a definite record of wash counts. Loss and theft of items will be monitored and reduced.

Automated reporting by RFID technology increases your housekeeping productivity and provides a powerful forecasting ability for better planning of replenishments and peak periods.

With unnecessary spending massively reduced, you will have more funds available for investment in other areas of your business.

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