RFID Is as Important as Computers

April 2019

Mark Roberti, founder and editor of RFID Journal writes “RFID has the potential to be almost as transformational for companies as computers and the internet”.

The ease of storing data on spreadsheets and the ability to instantaneously share information via email has long superseded the days of faxing, lost paper and fishing through filing cabinets. Thanks to computers, companies are now able to benefit from astronomical advances in productivity and efficiency with thousands of hours saved on manual tasks.

So, the scepticism that originally came with the costs of computers along with phrases like “the internet won’t catch on” now seems like a very distant past. Now looking at RFID and the dramatic increase of time saved and long-term productivity Mark Roberti’s statement all of a sudden doesn’t seem too far-fetched and as with the internet, there will be no turning back.

Increasing productivity and maximising efficiency are two of the most important KPI’s for senior management in any organisation. With many industries still stuck with bar-code technology, the ability to scan thousands of items in one click of a button and also providing 99.9%+ stock accuracy presents game changing improvements in stock taking. Identifying and locating almost every physical asset a company owns in real-time is set to revolutionise the way we manage data, as computers did.

Much like the initial phobia of technology in the 80s and 90s with computers and mobile phones, RFID could well be the final piece of the puzzle to digitalise assets that remain in the physical world. Companies who understand the massive potential that is just around the corner are the ones who will separate themselves leaving others to fall by the wayside.”

Oliver Newman,

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