“Omnichannel” for long a buzzword in retail continues grow ever more important in 2019.

February 2019

“Whether customers are shopping on their laptop, on their phone, or in-store. Retailers must take the necessary steps to provide shoppers with seamless and integrated shopping experiences. Effectively managing the shopping journey is now “make or break” for retailers and 2019 has been coined the “new era of customer engagement”.

Embracing new technologies will provide retailers a needed life line and RFID is at the forefront. “Buy anywhere / deliver anywhere” is now an expectation and RFID not only bridges the gap between the digital and physical shopping journey, but also provide critical support in the back stocks and fulfilment centres. It doesn’t just stop there, with such high levels of inventory accuracy, stores themselves will become their own mini warehouses.

This has potential to drastically increase profits as retailers adopting RFID will be able to fulfil anywhere, and provide ship-from-store and click and collect. RFID as an enabler for new horizons of order management could mean that 2019 is the year for retailers to take back control and see significant returns together with operational improvements which will revolutionise the industry for good.”

Oliver Newman,

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