MGI set to roll out RFID to Bannatyne Health Clubs

“Bannatyne health clubs always strive to upgrade on offering and quality of key club assets like towels & robes. Unfortunately we are worried about shrink, where members and visitors liberate quality product. So when MGI approached us with an RFID loss prevention solution that is easily installed in a plug and play format with the purpose of digitalising our inventory we were encouraged by the prospect.

After a successful pilot we are seeing massive savings on a weekly basis. Members now are now no longer able to casually or accidentally slip a towel or robe into their bag and exit the gyms and because of this, we are now able to provide our members and visitors with premium luxury product for all to enjoy during their visit. This not only enhances guest enhance experience but also helps to reduce amount of intake with consumption levels as these items now withstand many more washes. Digitalising our operation also means that staff now no longer need to manually record which members have been handed towels and we are now in the process of automating our stock counts.

The team at MGI have made the RFID integration process simple and affordable and we are excited to continue the progress made so far. We will be rolling out the MGI RFID solution across the Bannatyne estate as well as growing our business relationship with other RFID projects.”

Colin MacGillivray – Group Procurement Manager for Bannatyne Health Clubs