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“The Hotel Industry’s Billion Dollar Problem”

Laundry and housekeeping are two of the most important functions of a hotel.

Laundering bedroom linen and spa towels is a repetitive, time-consuming task and expensive task. Often, staff can spend wasted hours counting and sorting through large volumes of laundry.

With no way of knowing consumption cycles 20% of linen is discarded prematurely and countless items are lost through mismanagement, stock hoarding and guests liberating bathrobes and towels from their hotel rooms.

Linen moving in and out of laundry is difficult to account for leading to inaccuracies from third party billing.

MGI’s integrated laundry application uses the latest RFID technology to provide leisure and hospitality companies with real-time visibility of their laundry operations. The automated tracking of laundry activity from bed linens, towels and staff uniforms allows businesses to manage and validate their assets with optimum efficiency. Companies who apply RFID technology to their laundry operations can expect dramatic reductions in labour costs and overhead expenditures.


Nordic ID’s Real-time Accurate Data for Enterprise Assets (RADEA) platform provides unique item level tracking, workflow processing, event management, alerting and powerful analytics to deliver solutions to a vast amount of industries.

Nordic ID RADEA Features & Benefits for laundry operations

1. Scan hundreds of items with one click

  • Save thousands of hours counting & sorting
  • With no line of sight necessary save thousands of hours in counting & sorting
  • Stock checks in a matter of seconds

2. Accurate scan in / scan out

  • Eliminate human error with stock taking
  • Ensure linen goes back to the correct location
  • Ensure accurate billing from third parties

3. 99%+ Inventory visibility

  • Reduce unnecessary spending… With 99% + inventory accuracy there’s no need to hold back on luxury
  • Prevent discarding linen prematurely with accurate consumption cycles
  • Extend the life of your linen with accurate wash counts and claim warranty on maximum of cycles
  • Reduce loss & theft

4. Automated Reporting

  • Increase housekeeping productivity
  • Better planning for replenishments and peak periods
  • Powerful forecasting capabilities

Promote Best Green Practices

Provide sustainable and eco-friendly guest experiences

Extend life of linen

Prevent discarding linen prematurely

Recycle disposed linen with automated reports

Manage shrink with 99%+ stock accuracy & eliminate waste

Maximise operational efficiency

Save water with less washes

Reduce usage of enzymes, detergents and acids

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