In the age of information, traceability and transparency is key

“The list of benefits for tagging products with RFID and tracking them in real-time is a long one. Adopters will expect to obtain massive increases in speed, efficiency and accuracy of their operations as assets are automatically identified and counted in their hundreds with unique information on the product or products stored, added too and updated. Companies are recording otherwise unattainable data on the movement and usage of goods and the enduring environmental benefits of tracking and tracing stock levels and restocking with “just the right amount” are added advantages which are hard to ignore.

What’s interesting and a point which is always on the periphery but not always detailed, is with such improved visibility of the supply chain (up to 99%+ from around 65-70%) comes improved relationships. The traceability factor that is intrinsic with RFID, not only provides companies with real-time data on the movement and usage of their assets but also enhances opportunities to connect with suppliers, manufacturers and most importantly customers and the end-user. Hotel business weekly’s article refers to new innovations from InvoTech a Chinese based RFID tech company who have developed an application for guests to quickly scan bed linens, towels and quilts with a smartphone to reveal washing history and product information which welcomes a new a new level of customer interaction for guests and a value-added service for hotels. Whether guests want to know wash history, quality of linen or understand more about the sustainability of laundry operations, the innovation allows hotels to openly promote their devout service to the customer. This forms a deeper bond between guests and hotels as relationships can be built on trust and highly regarded customer loyalty, all with the added security of knowing the products or items are safe in the rooms!

In the age of information, traceability and transparency is key. A recent study by Label insight indicates that up to 94% of consumers surveyed are more likely to be loyal to a brand that offers transparency. 40% of consumers said they would switch brands if one were more transparent and 73% said they were willing to pay more for a product that offers complete transparency. Transparency is so important that a majority of people will pay more for it! Tagging items like bedsheets will allow hotels to go one further than reaping all the many benefits that RFID has in its locker, (ensuring they are not lost or stolen, over washed or overused etc) and in fact offer a new level of customer interactions and service.

If you want to know the name of an actor in the movie you’re watching, you can expect to find it within seconds of searching. Consumers now expect instantly available information from all their interactions and businesses who want to build and/or retain the trust of their customers must be working to improve the availability of information and transparency of services. RFID will bring this to the success of businesses that achieve this or without it indeed failures.”

Oliver Newman,