Step adoption process

Stage 1

To start, we work with you and develop a specific business case to your business. We collaborate with you so that the ROI model is unique to you. In the initial stages to understand RFID we invite you to visit our mock retail environment in Luton.

Stage 2

We customise a solution unique to your exact requirements. As your implementation partner we engage with RFID experts in every field to ensure the best possible service and components are utilised at every stage.

Stage 3

Pilot : Using our knowledge and experience with other RFID users, it is a key focus of MGI to start out simple and layer in additional benefits as we go. To help track progress we will establish key performance indicators at every step of the way.

Stage 4

Rollout : To facilitate a seamless transition, we guide and assist in-store associate training, change management, initial tagging and compliance monitoring.

Stage 5

RFID Integration: We provide full rollout support and are available to help in each and every step and process. From source tagging to store operations.

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