Has RFID Finally Found Its Place in Retail?

June 2019

“The long-awaited resurgence of RFID is noted once more. Despite the constant influx of new technologies inundating the retail sector, RFID continues to bubble under the surface. Not only does RFID appear to be finally finding its place in retail, it could be on the brink of a far greater calling than first anticipated.

With a recent history of forgotten promises, mismanaged trials and overly expectant results, the struggle in the ascendency of RFID has not been one for the faint hearted. Now, with thanks to the ongoing obsession for retailers to enhance customer experience, early applications which focused purely on inventory control are now in the mix for much bigger and better things.

Omnichannel retail seems to present RFID as a technology that was once too far ahead of its time and only now due to recent changes in the retail environment has exposed its true potential. The significance in the potential extends further to personalised marketing, cashless in store payment and loss prevention.”

Oliver Newman,

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