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Transform your events with RFID

The holy grail of customer service

Sports, entertainment and event planning companies invest great efforts and large amounts of money into organizing events that are aimed to bring awareness, sell products, educate the audience or just entertain the crowd. However, using current methods such as scanning a barcode on a wristband, or a ticket at the door, leaves a huge opportunity untapped.

Once the attendee, visitor, or fan leaves the door and is accounted for, he (or she) is “lost” to the organizer. There is no way to find out where this visitor went, what he did, what he was interested in, what he purchased and no option to view, summarize and act on this data. RFID integration now provides event and hospitality companies with otherwise unattainable information about their customers preferences, allowing them to provide a personalised service that is unique to the experiences and needs of their customers. This can be considered to be the “holy grail” of customer service.

MGI’s Event Management system

With no line-of-sight restrictions or manual data entry requirements, MGI’s Event Management system using RFID-enabled wristbands, tickets and credentials automate your data tracking and eliminate user error. This frees your event personnel to offer a higher level of individual attention for better customer service, both at the VIP and patron levels.

When customers use cashless

Spending on wristbands they are expected to spend more than they would. However, the biggest plus is not through spend, it is through data collection.

Early adopters of RFID have been able to provide their customers with a more seamless experience freeing up their time to do more and spend more.

RFID enabled tags and tickets help to automate

The registrations and check-in process, which makes the check-in process much faster and more convenient for the customers.

Using RFID technology for Event Management

Supports direct marketing activities, lead generation and product sales.

RFID enabled tickets reduce counterfeit tickets

While providing time and cost savings through improved efficiency.

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