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We started by developing unique anti-theft solutions specifically designed to improve in-store aesthetics, streamlining operations and enhance customer experience. We are now leaders in asset protection management, we strive on our innovations and best in class solutions and supply leading retailers, healthcare, manufacturing and airline industries.

Why MGI?

Our mission is to combine world class leading asset management technology with first class customer service. We offer an end-to-end solution, and take our clients from concept to completion and delivery.

At MGI we believe that RFID is now at the dawn of a new era of smart products, wireless connectivity and intelligence. With remarkable improvements in speed, efficiency and accuracy of stock management we have seen RFID grow and develop into a leading supporter and facilitator for the digitalisation of our world.

The new industrial revolution is upon us, where industries can understand way more than ever before about their customers and their behaviour, also what customers know about the supplier, all through RFID. Such improved visibility and transparency of operations has brought new found trust and confidence in transactions and it’s in MGI’s DNA to continue these advancements to build stronger more meaningful connections.

RFID’s potential to provide new levels of customer engagements and experiences is what makes it all so exciting, and it’s MGI’s focus to provide our customers with the data and knowledge to make all this possible! Data is knowledge and knowledge is power

The abundance of value-added efficiency improvements and customer engagements is compounded by RFID’s enduring environmental benefits. Click here to find out more


Technological Innovations

MGI have teamed up with Nordic ID, a Finnish technology company and one of the forerunners in RFID technology to provide hospitality & leisure with a transformative new platform that brings 99%+ inventory visibility to laundry operations. Nordic ID’s Real-time Accurate Data for Enterprise Assets (RADEA) platform is the answer to unique item level tracking and we are extremely excited to present and deliver RFID to hospitality & leisure in a way that has not been seen before.

With the simplicity of a “plug and play” application MGI in partnership with Nordic ID offer a long awaited fresh look and feel to RFID together with functionality and design that is far superior to any RFID laundry solution on the market today.

RADEA leverages cloud, RAIN RFID, and industrial IoT technologies and integrates with customer’s existing business systems to manage asset life-cycle information, automate business processes and provide actionable business intelligence.

The effects of COVID-19 has forced us all to rethink and re-evaluate our business processes with the endeavour to survive, improve and flourish in this new climate. With MGI & Nordic ID’s unique approach to integrating RFID into critical operations like laundry for hospitality & leisure, RFID adoption is the first step to achieving long lasting operational success and robust customer loyalty.


MGI were great to work with. They listened to our issues which we had explained to our incumbent supplier many times yet received nothing. MGI went away and developed exactly what we required. They produced prototypes and pre production samples before completing 2 separate successful multi store trials.

Rob Summers

Shrink and Security Manager

Clients and Partners