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Why MGI?

MGI a British technology company specialising in supplying RFID software, hardware and consumables.

Our mission is to combine world class leading asset management technology with first class customer service. We offer an end-to-end solution, and take our clients from concept to completion and delivery.

At MGI we believe that RFID is now at the dawn of a new era of smart products, wireless connectivity and intelligence. With remarkable improvements in speed, efficiency and accuracy of stock management we have seen RFID grow and develop into a leading supporter and facilitator for the digitalisation of our world.

The new industrial revolution is upon us, where industries can understand way more than ever before about their customers and their behaviour, also what customers know about the supplier, all through RFID. Such improved visibility and transparency of operations has brought new found trust and confidence in transactions and it’s in MGI’s DNA to continue these advancements to build stronger more meaningful connections.

RFID’s potential to provide new levels of customer engagements and experiences is what makes it all so exciting, and it’s MGI’s focus to provide our customers with the data and knowledge to make all this possible! Data is knowledge and knowledge is power

The abundance of value-added efficiency improvements and customer engagements is compounded by RFID’s enduring environmental benefits. Click here to find out more

Click here to find out more

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